Brutally Honest Car Dealership Ad Goes Viral

If you’re in the process of buying a vehicle you’re probably considering a car dealership to start with. And a lot of times, you might think of the reputation that these places get for being a little bit dishonest, because lets face it, we all know the “slimy car salesman” stereotype. Obviously, like other stereotypes that give a bad rap, not all car dealerships (or salesman) are as dishonest as people make them out to be. But an employee at this car dealership went above and beyond in his honesty, maybe actually even being a little bit too honest. When you’re selling a car, there’s a fine line between telling people what they need to know about it and too much information. And this guy definitely decided to cross that line and the result is interesting to watch.

Instead of trying to hide anything about this old Oldsmobile, the guy behind the advertisement decided to go all out. He tells customers that it was a rusty pile of junk and to expect nothing past its ability to get you from “A to B.” However, as the advertisement states, if you want to get to “C,” you might just be out of luck because there’s no telling if this thing will actually make it there! The ad does include the fact that the air conditioning system works though. Apparently, that fact was enough consolation to draw in buyers from all over the country and have someone actually purchase the car.

Check out the ad that was able to put together enough attention to be shared 30,000 times. It gained the dealership a little bit of an unexpected following. When they interviewed the manager of the dealership, it doesn’t seem like he knows quite what to think about it. I guess that he’s just going to enjoy all that new traffic coming in the front door that’s looking for some of their other, nicer inventory.