BJ Baldwin Takes Recoil 4 To Cuba

Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos are probably some of the best-known automotive stunt videos, BUT they're not the only ones.

BJ Baldwin has his own series of videos under the Recoil name, and they're basically the high-flying Trophy truck versions of Block's films. If you haven't been following him, you should. He's been to Ensenada, Mexico to chase Sasquatch but now Baldwin took his latest Toyota Tundra down to Havana, Cuba for his new video, Recoil 4. Turns ou, there's a lot of things for a Trophy Truck to jump down in Havana.

They spare no expense in this video. The jumps range from flying over flights of stairs to hilly streets. One jump even has a supposed distance of 191 feet...not too shabby. Of course, there's also no shortage of powersliding and also a segment where he drives over a series of logs. That stunt shows off the capabilities of this modified Tundra's suspension quite nicely.

You may think it gets kind of corny or off focus of racing at times but these are meant to be light, funny, awesome stunt videos that show off some mad driving skill.

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