An Elderly Woman’s Stolen Car Went To Auction Instead Of Being Returned To Her By Police

An elderly woman in Colorado Springs, Colorado had her car stolen. However, according to The Drive, police failed to notify her when it was ready to be picked up at an impound lot. Instead, they got it ready to sell at a government auction without her knowing.

After 80-year-old Mary Antrim’s Crown Vic was stolen out of her driveway the Colorado Springs Police Department contacted her and told her they had recovered her car, but it had been involved in a robbery attempt and needed to be impounded for evidence. She told local news KOAA that she called several times over the following weeks but she never heard an answer. That’s when she received a surprise. She happened to find an online listing for her car at a government auction scheduled for September. When the news station contacted the police they claimed they sent a letter to Mary telling her the car was ready to be picked up. But when Mary finally received the letter, it was postmarked weeks earlier and the police refused to explain the time gap. The police department also tried to charge the Mary $180 to retrieve her car, although they later dropped the charge. Lucky she saw the posting or she may never have got her car back!

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