A Self-Healing Film That Can Protect Your Car From Scratches

Scratches on your paint is almost nearly impossible to entirely avoid. But with this clear paint protection film, exteriors can essentially “heal” themselves after they’ve been damaged or scratched. They’re cool pieces of car paint protection technology, but how do they work? Engineering Explained puts up a video that explains.

The newest paint protection films use three layers of compound to ensure your paint doesn’t get damaged from rock chips or anything else. The first is an adhesive to stick the film to the car, the second is thick polyurethane to soften any damage, and the third is a clear coat that protects the polyurethane from discoloring. Scratches on the surface is just the coat being “rearranged,” not actually damaged, so the application of heat gives it enough energy to return to its flat, normal look. Obviously, that’s a pretty basic explanation so for the whole video head to PowerNationTV.com

This week on PowerNation Katie welcomes Rodney Beasley, owner of Designer Street Rods and two of his builds. First is a 1937 Ford truck owned by Bill Bowen. In a 4 year build, Rodney’s team did a lot of rust repair, built a custom chassis, dropped in a 392 Ford Stroker making 430 horsepower and gave the pickup a very classy Oak wood bed floor. They sprayed it with a custom PPG metallic almost Green color with a custom leather interior by Paul Atkins.

The second is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air owned by his father Ray. Again the team did some rust repair, dropped in 350 LT-1 making 425 horsepower and gave it a cool paint treatment. It looks like Black, but it’s Valspar’s “Deep Blue Black”. It too has a custom leather interior by Paul Atkins. Lots to take in this weekend including some great hands-on tech from our shops. See you this weekend PowerNation!

Source: Road and Track