A Self-Flying Vehicle Could Be Here By 2022

This could be revolutionary. Thanks to technology, soldiers may have more help in tougher terrain. This vehicle is currently being tested in the remote deserts of Israel. And it promises to transform flight.

It’s called Cormorant and it’s a flying vehicle that has no exposed rotors. It could not only save American lives on battlefields, but also on highways since it could also be used in accidents to get to victims when helicopters can’t fly or can’t land. Obviously, this could potentially save a lot of lives.

The Cormorant is currently being designed and tested in Israel but the long-term plan is for production to move to the United States, and for both pilotless and piloted models to be available.

Urban Aeronautics said it hopes to be producing the Cormorant here in the U.S. by 2022. The company calls it a win-win for everyone involved. While Israel gets the technology, the U.S. gets the production. And countless lives could be saved in the process.