A Look At Ford’s New Responder Hybrid Sedan

Ford retired the Crown Victoria in 2011 and police vehicles based on the Ford Taurus and Explorer quickly became the go-to options for police stations around the country. And Motor1 reports that Ford is expanding its range even more with the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan and the new F-150 Police Responder.

The Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, which was released earlier this year is expected to have a rating of 40 mpg city/36 mpg highway, and which outshines the Crown Victoria’s 16 mpg city/24 mpg highway. And it’s faster too. From a standstill, the Fusion Hybrid outruns the Crown Vic by a second. And while it’s obviously no Ford GT you’ve got to admit it’s a decent performance for a Responder vehicle. But if Hybrids aren’t some guys’ thing, agencies can still opt for naturally aspirated gas-powered versions of several Ford police vehicles.

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