A Huracan Hit A Staggering Time In The Standing Half Mile

Earlier this year a Ford GT hit 293 mph in a standing mile. To say that’s impressive is an understatement. That is flat getting it done for a standing mile. But there have now been more impressive numbers released. 2017 is looking like the year for speed.

According to The Drive, the Underground Racing team got a Lamborghini Huracan to 250 mph in the standing half mile. That means in half the distance, a Lambo was only 40 mph shy of the GT’s top speed. Think about that…that’s insane. To help put that in perspective, at that speed, the Huracan is covering more than the length of a football field every second. As with any speed record, there are a number of factors that come into play. To hit that speed in a half mile, the Huracan needed to violently accelerate. That means having super tall gearing that let it hit 250 at or right near the redline. But even still, 250 mph in just half a mile is crazy.

Think about the speed to distance ratio on that! That’s why this Huracan now holds the half mile record. And we’re betting that they’re already trying to find a way to go quicker because, well, who wouldn’t?

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