A Full-Size, Drivable, Remote-Control GT-R

Gamers’ and gearheads’ worlds collide with this driving full-size, remote-control GT-R. In celebration of the Gran Turismo Sport and 20 years of Nissan being a part of the Gran Turismo gaming series, this beauty was born. Say hello to the GT-R R/C project car that was modified to be driven *entirely* by a PlayStation®4 DualShock®4 controller.

All it takes to send power to this GT-R is a few flicks of a controller button – how crazy is that. And since there’s no person behind the wheel, the RC version can hit a top speed of a whopping 196mph. Jann Mardenborough took it around Silverstone for some testing. Mardenborough happens to be one of the most successful winners of the GT Academy. The academy is Nissan’s driver discovery and development program.

This specific GT-R /C was engineered in the UK by JLB Design Ltd. It uses a standard-spec 542bhp V6-powered 2011 R35 which was able to power through Mardenborough’s fastest lap of 1:17:47. The GT-R R/C averaged a speed of 76mph and reached a top speed of 131mph. How cool would it be to be able to control a car at those speeds from a chair somewhere off the track? That’s madness if you think about it.