A Digital Bumper Sticker Lets You Tell Drivers How You Really Feel

If you’re a “bumper sticker person” you know that usually they’re great at the time but then when say, your candidate loses the election or kid graduates from school, that bumper sticker is gonna be a pain to remove. But a company called Talelight is now making a customizable digital bumper sticker!

It’s a 2x8” bumper sticker that lets you change the message on it straight from your smartphone. No more razors and nail polish trying to scrape off out of date stickers. It uses industrial-strength adhesive tape, connects to your car’s USB jack and then syncs the Talelight app through Bluetooth. It turns off with your car so it doesn’t suck up all your power and can hold up to 25 different messages. Right now there’s 200 stickers available or you can design and upload your own personal sticker if you want to let the driver behind you to “Stop Tailgating Me” haha. So if being able to tell drivers how you really feel is worth $130 to you, then check this company out!

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