2017 GTR With Only 2,000 Miles Crashes Into Trees

We this a lot. Somebody gets a brand new fancy car and ends up crashing it in the most embarrassing way. Crashing a brand new or fairly new car is just terrible luck! This particular car is a 2017 Nissan GTR with only 2,000 miles on it, so obviously the owner hasn’t had it too long. What do most people do with a Nissan GTR? They drive it fast of course! Although driving fast should always be performed on a safe track, not a public road.

We see in this video, the GTR speed around a corner like its in some kind of Grand Turismo game. Everything’s looking good until it suddenly loses control, as you can hear the tires squeal. This is when things start to look bad, because another tight turn is coming up and this GTR is literally spinning out of control. Suddenly the GTR crashes into a bunch of trees. Ouch! There isn’t any information on how bad the GTR looked after the crash but we imagine it wasn’t in great shape! Maybe next time the driver will slow down and not drive on roads without guardrails. What do you think of this fail? Let us know in the comments!