Man Attempts to Drive a Nissan Through a Redwood Tree and Gets Stuck

Nissan Pathfinder attempts to drive through a Redwood Tree
Nissan Armada attempts to drive through a Redwood Tree

The Redwood tree is the tallest tree in the world, with Hyperion being the tallest at 380 feet, and have been always been associated with the words “mighty” and “unwavering.” Apparently, those characteristics resonate with other Redwood trees after footage was posted on social media of a Nissan Armada attempting to squeeze through an open tree while on a trail in California.

What Is A Drive-Thru Redwood Tree?

The video was posted by TikTok user @oclaguna999, showing the beefy SUV attempting to wiggle itself through a 2,500 year-old drive-through Redwood known as The Shrine. Also known as “The Shrine Drive-Thru Tree”, this tree became a big tourist attraction when the landowner decided to widen the natural opening in the base to allow people and vehicles to travel through. Also known as a “Chimney Tree”, the Shrine was once struck by lightning, in which the resulting fire created the hollowed-out trunk.

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Of course, this was in the early 1920’s when the only cars being driven at the time were compact Ford Model T’s. They probably didn’t expect something as big as a Nissan Armada to attempt to drive through the tree.

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How Did This SUV Get Stuck In a Redwood Tree?

Unfortunately, due to its size, this Armada ironically found itself stuck in its path. To make matters worse, the sound of cracks and scrapes of the SUV up against the inside of the tree. The total width of the Nissan with mirrors is 6 feet 5.9 inches. The size of the Shrine’s openings is 7-feet wide and 7-feet tall. Not exactly a lot of wiggle room for this Armada. This much is evident by the side-view mirrors getting cracked by the tree’s opening.

Did The Nissan Get Unstuck?

Eventually, the driver of the Armada was able to free himself from the Redwood tree, though not in the same condition as when he was driving into it. But he seemed pretty happy about it. Everyone else on the path though seemed more concerned for the tree.

The Shrine is one of three drive-thru Redwood trees in California, with Chandelier and Tour Tru being the other two. These trees exist on privately-owned land and charge from $10 to $20 for visitors to enter the park. Unfortunately for this Nissan Armada driver, that $10 entrance fee quickly turned into at least $1,000 in repairs.

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