1927 Chevy Coupe Found In 90-Year-Old Shipwreck In Lake Huron

When you gaze out at any of the Great Lakes, it is comparable to staring out to sea. On calm days, the lakes can be deceiving, but the weather patterns can change in an instant producing strong winds, super choppy waves, and unforgiving rain and snow. There have been many shipwrecks over the years that have been claimed by the Great Lakes, with the most noted being the SS Edmund Fitzgerald that sank in Lake Superior on November 10th, 1975. Lake Huron is said to be the third largest lake on Earth by surface area (if not counting the Caspian Sea as a lake). The shipwreck of Manasoo was discovered earlier this month at the bottom of Lake Huron. Within the wreckage, shipwreck hunters also discovered something unusual – 1927 Chevrolet AA Capitol 2-door Coupe. The Manasoo sank in September of 1928 while it tried to navigate through a storm and ultimately took on water while the crew searched for the closest shore. It took only three minutes to sink, and in that short time period, it took the lives of sixteen people along with 115 cattle. Only five people survived the wreck including the captain, three sailors, and just one passenger. The passenger was Donald Wallace, the owner of the 1927 Chevy two-door coupe. For being at the bottom of a lake for the past 90 years, you could have expected worse. It won’t be easy to get the car out of the wreckage, and it certainly won’t be cheap. But it would be a great piece to preserve in a museum somewhere. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society doesn’t believe that the ship is salvageable, but the Chevy may be a different story. Here’s hoping!