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Parts Used In This Episode

Spark Plug Wires, Extreme 9000 Ceramic, Spiral Core, 8mm, Black, 90 Degree Boots, Universal, V8, Set
Falken Tires
P295/40R20, Falken Azenis FK453CC
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Scott Pro Shop Towels - Blue, Solvent Resistant, 200 Count, Pegboard Dispenser Feature
KMC Wheels
Wheel, XD 798 Addict, Aluminum, Black, 20 in. x 9 in., 5 x 5.00 in. Bolt Circle, 5.710 in. Backspace, Each
McGaughy's Suspension Parts
Suspension Lowering Kit, Spindles, Flip Kit, 4 in. Front, 6 in. Rear, Chevy, GMC, Kit, HD Brakes, 1 1/4" Thick Rotors
Summit Racing
Paramount Restyling , Bumper, Xtreme Stinger, Rock, Front, Steel, Black Powdercoated, Front, Jeep, Each
Summit Racing
WESTERN CHASSIS, Shock, DS2, TwinTube, Front, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Each
Summit Racing
WESTERN CHASSIS, Shock, DS2, TwinTube, Rear, Chevy, GMC, Each
The Industrial Depot
The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies
Aerosol, 12 oz., lubricant, water dispersant, penetrant, protectant