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Parts Used In This Episode

Allstar Performance
Radiator, Fans
Auto Body Color & Supply Co.
Body Supplies, Sandpaper, Primers
Baer Brake Systems
Front and Rear Disc Brake Kit
Bowen Foam & Fabrics
Foam, Vinyl, padding and Coverings
Bowler Performance Transmissions
Performance Internals for our Torque Flight 3 Speed Automatic Trans
Chicago Driveline, Inc.
Custom Driveshaft
Clayton Machine Works
Interior Door Handles, AC Vents, Interior Side Trip, Exterior Side Trim.
Coker Tire
BF Goodrich Silvertown Radial Wide Whites
EZ EFI Self Tuning Fuel Injection Base Kit
Fat Man Fabrications
Front Sub Frame, Control Arms
HP2 Mufflers, Stainless Builder Kit
Gear Vendors Inc.
Overdrive Unit
Indy Cylinder Head
500 RB Street Wedge
English Wheel, Planishing Hammer, Sheet Metal Break, Stand, Foot Shear & Sitting Shear
In-Dash eXcelon USB/CD Receiver with Build-In Bluetooth/HD Radio KDC-X896
Coaxial Speakers, Wiring, Subwoofer
Krist Kustoms
Full Custom Vinyl Interior
Shifter, Accelerator Pedal, Cables, Dipsticks
Mobil 1 Racing
Extended Performance Fully Synthetic 10W30
Motorhead Jewelry
Gauge Panel, Search & Restore Badge
NEVERDIE - Lithionics Battery
12 Volt 30A- G34 Lithium Battery
Night Prowlers Kustom Car Parts
Tail Lights, Steering Wheel, Bumper Plate Over Rider, Dash Knobs
Air Bags, Shocks, Compressor, Rear Four Link "Air Bar"
Scott's Hotrods
Brake Pedal Assembly with Master Cylinder, Booster and Remote Reservoir
Steele Rubber Products
Stephens Performance
Chrysler 727 Torque Flight Transmission Core
Summit Racing
Chrome Smoothie Wheels
Summit Racing
Detroit Locker Trutrac 8.75 differential