MuscleCar Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

B&M Racing
Hurst Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick Shifter.
AAMP of America
Glue activator, Glue, Super Fast Adhesive, Semi-Rigid Plastic, Mixing Tips, Upholstery Adhesive, Fiberglass Resin, Chop Mat, Fiberglass Mat, Hardener, Mold Fabric, Carbon Fiber Vinyl, Vinyl Mercedes Cloth, Suede Fiber.
AAMP of America
Extra Vinyl Material
Accele Electronics Inc.
10.2" Widescreen LCD Monitors (3), 8 Out Multi-screen Video Amplifier.
Custom fabrication and install of stereo and A/V systems.
Image Dynamics USA, Inc.
4" Component Co-axial System (pair), 6.5" Premium Component Set, 12" dual 4 ohm Subwoofers, 4 x 75 Class AB Amplifier, 600 watt Mono Amplifier.
KGS Steel
1/2" #16 4FT. X 8FT. expanded metal
Loftis Steel
1" x 1/4" flat, 4ft. x 4ft. 6061 sheet
Napa Auto Parts
1" velcro 6 FT.
O'Reilly Auto Parts
20 AMP glass fuses (5)
Male and female RCA union (6) each
Sierra Select Distributors, Inc.
Pioneer In-Dash Double-DIN DVD Multimedia AV Receiver with 7" Widescreen Display, iPod┬о Direct Control Cable.
The Home Depot
3/4" MDF, 1/4" Hardy board, 1.5" Drywall Screws, Wood Glue
The Home Depot
Table Saw Rental
Freight Incoming
Freight Outgoing
Dynamat Xtreme bulk pak
Side glass weatherstripping, wiper motor seals, door jamb end seals, adaptor ring foam seal, hood seal clip set, weatherstrip clip set, body/filler tube seal, E-body firewall gasket, body plug super kit, quarter glass sealing strips, hood to cowl seal with clips, steering shaft seal, roof rail weatherstripping, door end seal, door opening weatherstrip, fuel filler seal, front of hood seal, trunk weatherstrip.
Window crank spacers, sill plate screw set, door jamb switch, window crank screws, door lock knob retainer screws, door panel clips, kick panel insulation, window cranks, front door panels, kick panels, sill plates, headliner, carpet set, package tray, jute padding for package tray, rear seat divider, sunvisor bracket covers, body bumpers, hood bumpers.