HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Bolt, qty 10
Bolt, qty 10
ATI Performance Products
Harmonic Balancer, Internal Balance, Aluminum, Black, 6.78 in. Diameter, Chevy, Each
Chevrolet Performance
Engine Block, Cast Iron, 6-Bolt Mains, 4.250 in. Diameter Bore, 1-Piece Rear Seal, Chevy, LSX Bowtie, Each
Comp Cams
Comp Cams, Billet Roller Cam Custom Ground to S.A.M. Specs
Comp Cams
Race Lifters
Comp Cams
Timing Chain and Gear Set, Adjustable, Double Roller, Billet Steel Sprockets, Chevy, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0L
Crower Cams & Equipment Co., Inc.
Connecting Rods, Maxi-Light, 4340 Steel, I-Beam, Cap Screw, 6.000 in., Chevy, Set of 8
Crower Cams & Equipment Co., Inc.
Crower Custom Crankshaft W/4.00" Stroke
Diamond Pistons
Custom LSX Forged Aluminum Pistons Per S.A.M. Specs
Cylinder Head, Pro-Port LS-R, Bare, Chevy, Each
Throttle Body, Aluminum, Clear, 102mm, Chevy, 6.2L, LSXr Manifolds, wo/TPS, Each
Federal-Mogul Corporation
LSX Head Gasket, Right
Federal-Mogul Corporation
LSX, Head Gasket, Left, Fel-Pro
Ignite Racing Fuel
E-85 Race Fuel
Jesel Inc.
Jesel Sportsman Series Shaft Mounted Rocker Arms 1.75/1.7
Jones Machine Racing Products, Inc.
Serpentine System, Performance Ratio, Aluminum, Black Hardcoat, Chevy, Kit
Late Model Engines
Crankshaft Reluctor Wheel, Chevy, Small Block, LS, Each
Oil Pump, High-Volume, Chevy, 4.8/5.3/5.7/6.0L, Each
School of Automotive Machinists
School of Automotive Machinists in Houston, TX (SAM)
Total Seal
Custom Ring Set Per Piston Specs
Custom Titanium Intake and Exhaust Valves Per S.A.M. Specs