HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Cylinder Head Bolts, Pro Series 12-Point, Oldsmobile, 350, 400, 403, 425, 455, Stock, Edelbrock RPM Heads, Kit
Main Studs, 2-Bolt Main, Oldsmobile, 350, Set
Rocker Arm Studs, Pro Series, 7/16-20 in. Thread, 1.90 in. Effective Stud Length
Canton Racing Products
Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate, Aluminum, Black, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, V8, Each
Comp Cams
Guideplates, Flat, 5/16 in. Pushrod Size, Oldsmobile, 350-455, Set of 8
Crane Cams
Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 284/292, Lift .542/.563, Oldsmobile, V8, Each
Crane Cams
Lifters, Hydraulic Roller, Vertical Link Bar, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Set of 16
Crane Cams
Rocker Arms, 7/16 in. Stud Mount, 1.6 Ratio, Aluminum, Full Roller, Oldsmobile, 260-455, Set of 16
Paint, Engine, Enamel with Ceramic Resin, Gloss, Gold, 12 oz., Aerosol, Each
Eagle Racing Engines
Connecting Rods, SIR 5140 I-Beam, Bushed, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 8
Carburetor, Thunder AVS, 800 cfm, Square Bore, Manual Choke, 4-Barrel, Air Valve, Single Inlet, Silver, Each
Cylinder Head, Performer RPM, Aluminum, Assembled, 77cc Chamber, 188cc Intake Runner, Oldsmobile, 350-455
Head Gaskets, Oldsmobile V8, 400/425/455, Pair
Intake Manifold Gasket; Port 1.44x2.44 in.; 0.060 in. Thickness
Intake Manifold, Performer RPM, Dual Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square/Spread Bore, Oldsmobile, 307/330/350/403
Intake Manifold, Victor, Single Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Oldsmobile, 350/403, Each
Timing Chain Set, Performer-Link True-Rolling, Timing Chain Only
Valve Covers, Signature Series, Stock Height, Steel, Chrome, Edelbrock Logo, Oldsmobile, V8, Pair
Federal-Mogul Corporation
Fel-Pro Gaskets, Full Set, Oldsmobile, 330, 350, 400, 425, 455, Set
Hooker Headers
Headers, Competition, Full-Length, Steel, Black Ceramic Coated, Pontiac, with Oldsmobile 260-403, Pair
Huntsville Engine and Performance
Huntsville Engine and Performance Center has been building custom racing engines for nearly two decades, specializing in high horsepower drag racing applications since 1986
Computer Programmer, Max Energy, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Passenger Car, SUV, Truck, Each
King Engine Bearings
Main Bearings, AM-Series, Full Groove, .020 in. Undersize, Bi Metal, Oldsmobile, 260, 307, 330, 350, 403
Sealant, RTV, Silicone, Clear, 80 ml, Each
Oil Pump, High-Volume, Oldsmobile, V8, Each
Water Pump, Mechanical, High-Volume, Aluminum, Natural, Oldsmobile, 260-455, Each
Pro-Race Performance Products
Pro Race Harmonic Balancer, Oldsmobile V8 350-403-455, External Balance, 6.61" Diameter
Probe Industires
Pistons, Forged Flat, 4.087 in. Bore, Oldsmobile, Set of 8
Royal Purple
Motor Oil, Break-in, Mineral, 10W30, Quart, Each
Royal Purple
Oil Filter, Extended Life, Canister, 13/16 in.-16 Thread, Each
Stage 8 Locking Fasteners
Header Fasteners, Bolts, Locking, Double Hex Head, Stainless Steel, Natural, GM, Chrysler, AMC, V8, Set of 12
Summit Racing
Oil Pan, Steel, Gold Zinc, 5 qt., Oldsmobile, V8, Each
Unleashed Custom Machining
Oldsmbile Adjustable Timing Pointer (Clear)