HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Motor Oil, Synthetic, Cat Safe, 5W30, 1 qt., Each
Supercharger System, E-Force Street, Roots, Black Powdercoated, Intercooler, Chrysler, 6.1L, Kit
Goodson Shop Supplies
fixture to remove or install interference fit piston pins
Goodson Shop Supplies
Gas-Fired Rod Heater -- Propane,Ceramic lined, enclosed heating area, One knob control,Includes regulator and hose assembly
Goodson Shop Supplies
Piston Pin Installing Fixture, Adjustable stop prevents over-centering rods
Visual Impact Performance Systems
LS-TURBO TRAC serpentine drive system is designed to work with aluminum and steel engine blocks,available in plain, polished, and with or without power steering
Aerosol, 12 oz., lubricant, water dispersant, penetrant, protectant