HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Main Studs, 4-Bolt Main, Large Journal, with Windage Tray, Chevy, Small Block, Kit
Cometic Gasket, Inc.
Head Gaskets, 4.030 in. Bore, .040 in. Compressed Thickness, Chevy, Small Block, Each
Comp Cams
Belt Drive System, Magnum Series, Wet System, Chevy, Small Block, Kit
Comp Cams
Cam and Lifters, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 299/319, Lift .533/.519, Chevy, 5.0, 5.7L, Kit
Comp Cams
Pushrods, Hi-Tech, Chromoly, Heat-Treated, 5/16 in. Diameter, 7.300 in. Length, Universal, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Rocker Arms, Stud Mount, Full Roller, Steel, 1.52 Ratio, Fits 7/16 in. Stud, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Timing Cover, 2-Piece, Aluminum, Natural, Chevy, Small Block, Kit
Comp Cams
Valve Locks, Machined, Hardened Steel, 10 Degree, 1-Groove, 11/32 in. Valve Stem, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Valve Spring Locators, Inside,Steel,.060 in. Thick,1.510 in. O.D.,.570 in. I.D.,.970 in. Spring I.D.,Set of 16
Comp Cams
Valve Spring Retainers, Tool Steel, 10 Degree, 1.050 in. Outside Diameter, .640 in. Inside Diameter, Set 16
Comp Cams
Valve Springs, Single, 1.415 in. Outside Diameter, 280 lbs./in. Rate, 1.060 in. Coil Bind Height, Set of 16
Eagle Specialty Products
Connecting Rods, SIR 5140 Steel I-Beam, Bushed, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 8
Eagle Specialty Products
Crankshaft, 2-Piece Seal, Internal Balance, Forged 4340 Steel, 3.750 in. Stroke, Chevy, 350, Each
Engine Assembly Lube, 1 oz. Tube, Each
High Performance Premium Break-In Oil, 30W, Mineral, 1 qt. Containers, Set of 12
Goodson Shop Supplies
Powered Ring Filer with Integral Deburring Wheel
King Engine Bearings
Main Bearings, HP-Series, 3/4 Groove, Alecular Silicon, Set of 5
Threadlocker, 271, Heavy-Duty, Red, 36 ml, Each
Oil Pump, High-Volume, High Pressure, Chevy, Small Block/V6, Each
Probe Industires
Pistons, Forged Flat, 4.030 in. Bore, Chevy, Set of 8
Quick Fuel Technology Inc.
Carburetor Spacer, HVH Super Sucker, Aluminum, 1 in. Thick, 4-Hole, Square Bore, Each
TCI Automotive
Harmonic Balancer, Rattler, External Balance, Steel, Black, Chevy, 400, Each
Total Seal
Piston Rings, Plasma-moly, 4.030 in. Bore, 1/16 in., 1/16 in., 3/16 in. Thickness, 8-Cylinder, Set