HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

JBA Performance Exhaust Co.
1 3/4" Cat4Ward Shorty Headers, High Flow Mid-Pipes.
Jesel Inc.
Camshaft Belt Drive System.
Mothers Polish
Mothers Foaming All Wheel & Tire Cleaner.
Summit Racing
Gear Drive, Quiet, Dual Idler, Chevy, Small Block, Kit.
Summit Racing
Timing Chain and Gear Set, True Roller, Double Roller, Steel Sprockets, Chevy, V6/V8 Small Block, Set.
Summit Racing
Timing Cover, 2-Piece, Aluminum, Polished, Chevy, Small Block, Kit.
Trick Flow Specialties
Supercharger System, Roots Style, Black Powdercoated, Chevrolet, Camaro, 6.2L, Kit.
Gold Eagle Co.
Start Your Engines! is the easy, 1-step fuel system revitalizer.
Matco Tools
Hose Cutter.
Matco Tools
Spring loaded cable operated hose clamp plier.
Napa Auto Parts
11/32" Tubing 3FT.
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Exhaust collector gasket
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Drain Pan