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Parts Used In This Episode

UEGO wide-band AFR/Lambda gauge.
Air intake system for dodge Charger 6.1 Hemi.
ATI Performance Products
Balancer and hub assembly, drill fixture and dampener bolts.
36" Double D shaft.
Steering U-joints, 3/4 DD X 5/8-36, 3/4 DD X 3/4 DD.
CCI Driveline Engineering and Fabrication
Custom driveshaft 700R-4 nose, 1330 rear 3" tube.
Chevrolet Performance
L76/L92 performance head, head bolts, roller lifters, gasket set, valve covers, distributor drive cover, intake manifold, carb spacer.
Federal-Mogul Corporation
Intake gaskets, header gaskets.
Street Avenger 770 CFM.
Jaz Products
12 bolt street filler neck with cap, gasket and split nut ting.
MSD Ignition
Billet FORD 302 small cap, MSD 6-AL ignition box, blaster 3 coil, bronze dist. gear, plug wires.
Fine texture rust.
Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center
Intakes rockers, exhaust rockers, rocker arm support shaft, 7.40 LS-1 pushrods.
Street Scene Equipment
2005 and up driving lights and grille insert.
Wegner Automotive Research
Water pump and pulleys and accessory brackets.