You Get What You Pay For When It Comes To Car Parts

In general, the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. Or to put it simply: Don’t buy Chinese junk. But when it comes to car parts, especially aftermarket, it’s especially true. And this driver found that out the hard way.

Something like hood latches might look the same and seem the same, but when the cheap ones fail at 137 miles per hour, you start to realize maybe you should’ve ponied up the extra cash in order to keep your hood down.

Thanks to YouTuber, rcrescencio, we learn exactly why you don’t buy the cheap (or knockoff) parts…like hood latches. Even if it does save you some cash up front. He’s the guy who had his hood fly up into his windshield and blind him for the rest of his run, but he pulls it off pretty impressively.

So in general, buying the cheap or knockoff stuff is never a good idea for gearheads. Because at the end of the day you’re going to end up paying somehow. Whether it’s the good quality latches or new latches, a hood, AND new windshield. Knockoff wheels you have to replace when they break. Knockoff steering wheels you have to replace when they break. Hood latches and almost every other part are no different. So let this guy’s misfortune be a lesson to you all.