You Can Now Be Your Own Navigation Voice

Up to this point, your phone or whatever device you use for navigation has a setting and you can change what voice you hear, but there’s never been an option to be your own navigation voice. Until now. For all you Android users out there, the popular map app, Waze, released an update that now lets users record their own voice commands, according to The Drive.

The update comes in handy if you need to record directions in another language for international visitors so you can use a more informal dialect they’re familiar with than what the app would probably use. Or, if you’re trying to have some fun, you can use it against your buddies and make change the system to say “turn right” when it should’ve said “turn left” and have them driving all over town. Or if you just like to hear yourself talk, then this is a great option for those people as well.

No matter how you decide to use it, it’s a pretty cool feature to add to your navigation. Unfortunately, iOS users, you’ll have to wait it out because there’s no update for the iPhone software yet. But we’re pretty sure it’ll be here soon.