Yes, This Ford F-350 Has Over a Million Miles

Ford F-350 Super Duty Stuck On 999,999 Miles | Photo Credit: PowerStroke Tech Talk YouTube

Move over one-million-mile Tundra, you’ve got some competition knocking on your hood. Despite Toyota dominating the list of cars of over 200K miles, with some TLC, any vehicle is capable of achieving this impressive milestone. However, it’s far less common for any car or truck to reach a million miles plus, which deserves some respect on its name.

The news set the internet ablaze about the 2013 Ford F-350 with a 6.7L Power Stroke turbodiesel that came into the owner’s possession before its break-in period at 98,000 miles. The truck rolled into the shop of YouTuber PowerStroke Tech Talk with the odometer pinned at 999,999.9 miles, but according to the owner, it has more than 1.3 million miles in eight years. Those Built Ford Tough commercials are slowly creeping into our memory right now.

2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty With 1.3 Million Miles | Photo Credit: PowerStroke Tech Talk YouTube

To put this into perspective, one million miles is the equivalence of driving around the earth 24 times. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot, so add another 300,000 miles to that and call it a day.

How Did It Reach One Million Miles?

With all that said, you aren’t going to achieve this accomplishment without changing some vital parts. According to PowerStroke Tech Talk, the Super Duty has gone through some changes over the years in the form of a transmission and transfer case after some odd shifting behavior. The truck has gone through four turbos, and all indications are pointing toward it needing a fifth. The driveline U-joints and batteries have been replaced two times, and the belts and 4×4 hub lockouts have been replaced three times.

This isn’t a Michelin plug, but the owner claims he gets over 150,000 miles on a set of tires, and he’s performed just two brake jobs throughout his ownership. We had to think about it for a second, but this is likely due to limiting his speed to 55 mph while towing.

2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty With 1.3 Million Miles | Photo Credit: PowerStroke Tech Talk YouTube

Service and Mileage Records

Since the odometer is maxed out, the owner describes using the Super Duty’s trip meter to record usage in 10,000-mile increments, which is then added to a service log. Some describe it as a “car bible.” The owner has kept a precise record of the service history and mileage, so we’re not here to doubt any of his logs.

For someone who drives this much, it’s impressive to keep such pristine record logs. You have to admit, at times, when you’re driving down the road you’ll forget to adjust the odometer after refueling, but this owner managed to stay on top of his records. I guess if you knew the rarity of this mileage, it’s something that’d weigh heavy in your mind too, meaning you probably wouldn’t forget.

You don’t hear these stories every day and it certainly deserves the hype, but we’re left with the million-dollar question. How is the underbody surface rust situation?

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