Would You Turn Your F-150 Into A Fastback With This Topper?

Would you like your Ford truck to have more of a ’69 Mach 1 Mustang type of appeal? Maybe you are a big fan of the classic fastback but still need to haul things around. This product might be for you. This bed cap is meant to turn your 2015+ Ford F-150 into a fastback. Interesting, right?

Shown at SEMA last year, these bed toppers are called Aero X and are made by Michigan Vehicle Solutions. It is a 260-lb fiberglass bed cap that is Mustang-inspired with a louvered rear window and sloping angle. It also features a lockable clamshell, a built-in audio setup, and latches normally using bed clamps. It measures 5 1/2-foot by 6-1/2-foot, and pricing starts at $3,995.

“We looked around and saw the lack of innovation out there,” Oliver tells The Drive. “It’s time for a different thing from our grandfathers’ bed caps. The flat tonneau, the shoebox, all that has run its course.”

Aero X will need a large aftermarket partner to aid in production and installation, as the company can only make 8-10 of these a week. Also, fast and efficient shipping is quite an obstacle, but the company would like to create fastback bed caps for every available pickup on the market today in the future.

Would you like to see more of these on the road?

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