How to Make Your F-150’s Modular Engine Rebuild More Affordable

Rebuilding the Modular V8 engine in your F-150 is not something you can do on the cheap. But a set of Silv-O-Lite replacement pistons will help make it more affordable. The hypereutectic aluminum pistons are stronger than standard cast pistons and feature reinforced top ring lands and diamond finished skirts with a scuff-resistant coating. They also resist cracking in the crown area where operating temperatures are severe. That’s a lot of piston for the money.

Drop up to 872 Horsepower of Gen III Hemi Muscle in Your Mopar

Mopar folks are dropping Gen III Hemis into just about everything Ma Mopar ever made with four wheels. BluePrint Engines just upped the ante with its Pro Series 426 CID Gen III Crate Engines. Available in 610 and 872 horsepower flavors, the engines are built with brand new blocks, forged rotating assemblies, Apache-spec aluminum cylinder heads, uprated hydraulic roller cams—even a mid-sump oil pan to fit classic Mopar muscle cars. Most come with EFI and a Holley Terminator management system, and the 872-horse versions have a big 3.0L Whipple supercharger.