Woman Running Across Road In Heels Falls, Gets Taken Out By Car

The accident was caught by a security camera in the city of Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Note: Although the woman involved is in stable condition, the video may be graphic for some.

The woman involved is 22-year-old Minerva F.S. was running to cross the street while wearing high heels when she slipped and fell. When she passes in front of a pick-up truck and steps out into the third lane of traffic as a car comes driving past is when she runs (literally) into trouble.

She slips, falling onto her back directly in front of the car which slams into her, dragging her forwards. The woman is caught under the car’s wheel and pulled several feet before the vehicle is able to stop.

Pedestrians rushed to help the injured woman as the driver reverses away from her body. Minerva was reportedly rushed to a local hospital where she was treated for fractures to her left knee and elbow, injuries to her right hand and bruising to her body. Thankfully, she is reportedly in a stable condition.