Woman Rips Off Side Mirror With Her Bare Hands During Road Rage Situation

Road rage strikes again. This time, in Richmond, Virginia a woman ripped off the driver’s seat mirror local news NBC12 reports.

Ymani Breedlove is the owner of the car and caught the incident on video. She said the altercation began when the woman in the other car veered into her lane and hit her car. “She was just dodging the pothole and she didn’t see us,” Breedlove explained. “She didn’t look to see and she sideswiped the passenger side of our car.”

Breedlove said the woman’s frustration at having sideswiped another car was so visible that she immediately decided not to escalate the situation any further. “I said I was going to stay in the car and wait until police came.” But she never expected what happened next.

The video makes for a good source of entertainment and viral content but it wasn’t as funny to Breedlove who was in the car at the time and happened to have her 18-month-old daughter with her. Luckily, involved was injured during the interaction. The woman who ripped the mirror out of its socket is still on the run.