Woman Goes On Rampage Over A General Lee Replica

A Toronto woman says she couldn’t help but have a visceral response after seeing two confederate flags on a General Lee car at the Highland Creek Heritage Festival.

While attending the festival, the local woman saw the General Lee replica parked in a spot and says she immediately had a negative response with her heart racing and her stomach dropped. She told the reporter covering the story that there was no place in Canada, or anywhere, for such a “racist car”. She attempted to get the attention of a festival worker or someone to do something about the car but was finally confronted by a man who defended the flag. That’s when she pulled out her phone and started video recording. The man seen in the video defending the car was another attendee, not a festival employee.

When the news team caught up with Paul Maguire, a chairman of the festival board, he stated that the Confederate Flag is now in the same category as the Swastika, that the car being there was an oversight and will not be permitted. It’s unclear how the car ended up at the festival.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Is the General Lee and replicas now a taboo subject? Should it have been allowed at the festival or any car shows? Let us know on Facebook!