Woman Escapes Kidnapping Because She Knew How To Drive A Manual

Three men kidnapped a college student in Columbia, South Carolina at gunpoint but she used some Jason Bourne level-problem solving and her manual transmission car to get away.

According to Jalopnik, Jordan Dinsmore found herself in a horrible situation when she was kidnapped and had a gun to her head. The report by the local newspaper, The Slate, says they forced her to drive her car to withdraw money from an ATM, but Dinsmore had an advantage. When the men put her into the car they couldn’t drive it because it had a manual transmission, so they made her drive. That’s when she thought of an escape plan. She withdrew the $300 out of the ATM, got back into the car and left her seatbelt off. She purposefully missed the next turn and rolled her car into the intersection, threw her car in neutral, opened the door and jumped out while the vehicle was moving. She only suffered minor scrapes and bruises from her escape and her Scion even managed to be in pretty decent shape after the attackers crashed it. “I’m going to be driving a manual for the rest of my life,” she told reporters. Don’t blame her – glad she’s okay and it’s proof driving a manual is a skill worth knowing.

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