Why Are Taxicabs Yellow?

Life is full of random things that not everyone stops and wonders why they exist, such as, why are taxi’s yellow? Although not every taxicab is yellow, most of them seem to be around the world. When most people think of a taxi, they think of a yellow car right? There are exceptions however, with black taxi cabs being popular in England and in this particular video, blue taxi cabs being popular in Singapore as well as yellow ones.

With the invention of Uber and Lyft, it seems like you see more of those than actual old school cabs but they do still exist! This video goes into detail of why taxicabs are yellow and it’s actually a really simple reason. Research has found that yellow taxi cabs are less likely to be rear ended during the day and at night! Research has also shown that the color yellow is one of the most recognizable, if not THE most recognizable color to the human eye. This would also make sense why taxi companies would make their cars bright yellow, because they’re more noticeable which means more profit! It’s a pretty interesting video and it definitely answers some questions if you always wanted to know why taxis are yellow!