Which Is The Power King: Viper Or Hellcat?

There’s been a lot of attention on the new Mopars since the release of Dodge’s Hellcat trim level. This has lead people to talking about the cars in a way that we haven’t really seen too much from Dodge in the performance community recently. How do they compare to the classics, like the Viper, for example?

But now, with the release of the new Demon, Dodge has shown its dominance in the marketing world and most likely it looks like that dominance will carry over to performance and then on to the track as well. However, with that car only being a limited production run, there’s no fear the Hellcat will undoubtedly remain as Dodge’s performance masterpiece.

In this video, there are some half-mile passes from a Wannagofast event that puts a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and SRT Viper up against each other. Now, the Hellcat makes some impressive power but will that be enough to overcome the lightweight advantage that the Viper has? Keep in mind, both cars being stock are these runs. The answer is a combination of both yes and no.

In most of the runs, it looks like the Viper is able to get out of the hole a lot harder than the Hellcat. But, at the end of the day, all of that power is able to help count the Hellcat with reeling in just a little bit more of a top speed in the half mile even though the Viper is able to outrun it. Both of these cars would make a great addition to any car lover’s garage so tell us in the comments which of these you would choose to drive home in.