What’s New With XOR And The Nissan NV CargoX

Ian Johnson from Xtreme Off Road and Nissan have partnered together to turn the NV 2500HD cargo van into a hardcore off road vehicle. The van has been recently featured on sites such as Jalopnik, Autoblog, and others listed below. You can also see the full episode to see what Ian’s done with the van up until this point. And of course, stay tuned here on PowerNation for more updates on the van build. If you want to see the Nissan NV CargoX in person, it’ll be at the Chicago Auto Show where Ian will also make an appearance on Saturday, February 11th. For more info on the van check out NVCargoX.com
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Getting Ready To Hit The Trails

Ian Takes The Van Through Payson, Arizona

On The Trails In Arizona: Full Episode