What Type Of Muffler Should You Go With When Upgrading Your Exhaust?

This PowerNation Extra gives you a look at the different kinds of aftermarket mufflers available when you want to upgrade your exhaust system. Marc from Detroit Muscle lays out the three main types: glasspack, chamber, and turbo. The glasspack is the original high performance muffler. However, chamber and turbo aren’t bad options either depending on what you’re going for.

Check out this beautifully restored 1963 Chevy C10 that is Katie’s featured ride. She’ll be joined by one of the builders on the project, Nick Roberts from Nichols Paint & Fab in Watseka, Illinois. Owners Todd and Maddie Zientec handed the team a decent in shape truck and in a year long build this is what they did. Everything has been handmade from the inner fenders to that unique front end that held four headlights and now has just two with Harley Day Markers. It’s got a 5.3 liter making about 400 horsepower. The bed is done in Oak with help from a local high school shop class. Inside it’s a two-tone look with a gorgeous pinstripe that circles the headliner. One handsome pickup! Plus Marc Christ drops by to talk about the Power Stop Ultimate Mustang he and Tommy are creating with drift champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr. And this is a pony car you can enter to win. It’s a full block so make sure you join us. For more on the truck visit www.nicholspaintandfab.com