What Does It Take To Kill A Volvo Wagon?

Yeah, yeah it’s no secret. Volvos aren’t exactly speed demons, but they are known for their durability and safety ratings. At the end of the day, they’re pretty reliable and more of a family car than a thrill seeker’s ride but still there’s something to be said for the having the safety feature on lockdown. But everyone has a different definition and rating of the term “tough” so what does it really mean? Well, to test how tough they really are, YouTube channel Krimson37, beats on a Volvo 850 wagon repeatedly.

The outcome? It takes a lot to completely destroy this car. Even rollovers and minor explosives can’t kill it. That’s a pretty impressive feat and there’s something to be said for Volvo being able to withstand that kind of intense beating. Do you have a favorite beater car that you love? Have you put it through the ringer to see how much it can handle? If you have (and managed to get it on tape) we want to see it!

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