Watch This Lexus LX 4×4 Get a Seaside Rescue Out of the Ocean

As the saying goes “bad decisions make the best stories.” So we can only imagine the kinds of decisions that led up to this Lexus LX having to be pulled out of the sea in the United Arab Emirates.

The Lexus LX is typically the kind of SUV you would see riding through the desert or the suburbs. Unfortunately, it hasn’t built a reputation for being a sea-bound vehicle.

A video shared on Instagram shows a previous-model Lexus LX being pulled out the ocean after being completely submerged underwater. It is still unknown how, let alone why it ended up there, but it’s very likely that the SUV is a lost cause.

The LX in the video shows clear signs of damage to the lights, grille, and bumper, as well as interior damage caused by the saltwater that filled the cabin. Once the doors are opened, more water, along with dirt and debris drain out as well.

Unless the owner was testing the SUV’s sea-faring capabilities for possible water-bound modifications, they may save themselves the stress by considering the alternative of investing in a boat.

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