Watch These Guys Steal Harleys In Movie-Like Dealership Robbery

It’s like you’re watching a scene from a Hollywood set, a robbery pulled off so seamlessly and with minimal effort. Four thieves broke into a Harley-Davidson dealership in Kokomo, Indiana, which would’ve been an alright plan. Except for the cameras.

The four people walk onto the dealership floor (complete with full gear), hop onto their bike of choice, and just roll out like it’s no big deal. The Kokomo Police posted the surveillance camera video from the dealership for your entertainment.

The Kokomo Police report that a 2020 Street Glide Special and three 2021 Street Glide Special motorcycles were taken with a grand worth of over $95,000.

There’s a lot to address in the video from complete motorcycle-riding attire (for safety or identity protection?) to how they were able to get the bikes started and out the door so quickly to why they use such proper driving etiquette (check out the last guy use his blinker). To top it all off, this is some of the highest-quality security footage we’ve see. Nice work, Harley-Davidson of Kokomo.

We’re sure this crew will be caught in no time but until then, KPD are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

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