Watch the 2017 King Of The Hammers & Ultra4 Live!

It’s that time of year…King of the Hammers, Live! Details on the course below courtesy of Ultra4:


KOH Total = 181 Miles
KOH Lap 1 = 61 Miles
KOH lap 2 = 56 Miles
KOH lap 3 = 64 Miles and adds up Spooner’s and down Outer Limits, and up Jackhammer and down Jack North

All races and classes run the same lap 1, 61 miles, no alternate routes. The first rock trail is Down Resolution on lap 1 at RM 59.8

All races, classes, and laps run down Resolution and Backdoor, no options. All races and classes run the same lap 2 until beyond the top of Aftershock at RM 88.2. The first rock trail on lap 2 is Aftershock at RM 87

Pit Summary All Races
Remote Pit 1 1st time = 13 miles
Remote Pit 1 2nd time = 34 miles
Main Pit 1st time = 14 miles
Remote Pit 2A 1st time = 34 miles (Stock 31 miles, UTV 27 miles)
Remote Pit 2B 1st time = 11 miles
Main Pit 2nd time (finish for EMC/UTV) = 11 miles
Remote Pit 2A 2nd time = 40 miles
Remote Pit 2B 2nd time = 13 miles
Finish = 11 miles