VW Has New Technology That Will Defrost Your Windows Pretty Quick

Volkswagen has found a new way to defrost your windows that doesn't involve tiny wires implanted in the glass. The engineers over at VW have created a way to install a wafer-thin, electronically conductive layer of invisible SILVER within the laminated glass. The layer can conduct a current of no more than 400 to 500 watts, which really speeds up the defrosting process.

At the bottom section of the windshield are filaments that heat up the windshield wipers, preventing them from freezing to the glass. In addition to the benefits for winter use, the layer of silver also helps with the summer heat because it acts as a heat shield reflecting up to 60% of the heat. VW is offering the new windshield as an optional extra on select models such as the Golf, Passat and a few others. The price for the option starts at $363 and is sure to be a favorite amongst people who live in parts of the world with harsh winters.

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