VERY Close Call On A Motorcycle!

This is insane! The driver of this motorcycle is SUPER lucky that this car didn’t crash right into him.

The video starts off as what it looks to be just a normal motorcycle ride, when suddenly this crazy out of control car speeds really fast directly into oncoming traffic just BARELY missing the motorcycle. The car actually may have swiped the side of the bike from the sound of it. Thankfully the motorcycle didn’t lose control. That type of near miss is enough to leave anyone in shock. Whoa!

The out of control car can then be seen in a ditch with smoke coming from the engine. Lucky for the car driver, they were able to crawl out of the car uninjured. Regardless, this is still a pretty insane video! This is a fortunate situation that both people involved were ok but too many times we see videos of out of control cars driving WAY too fast on public roadways, which is just extremely dangerous and careless.

What do you think about this? For all you motorcycle riders out there, have you encountered anything like this? Let us know in the comments what you think. For more videos, stay tuned on