Utility Worker Gets A Ride Of A Lifetime

This utility worker got more than he bargained for while hanging Christmas decorations in a suburb outside of Cincinnati. He was up in the air in the bucket of the truck when a man broke into the Ford F-550 and took off. It resulted in a ten-mile police chase…all while the helpless utility worker was stuck in the bucket. Talk about a wild ride.

Luckily, the worker was able to radio in the situation and the dispatcher called 911 which sent officers in time to help the poor guy before things got out of hand. Security footage caught the whole situation and you can see the worker manages to lower the bucket and was trying to at least get himself into the bed of the truck. Because at least being in the bed gets you out of the bucket and flying around at 10+ feet up in the air. Luckily, officers were able to stop the driver using stop sticks and get the employee to safety. The thief/driver was arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping. The utility worker was taken to the local hospital as a precaution but was seemingly uninjured from the incident. The holidays really bring out the crazy in people!