UPDATE: Moto2 Rider Who Grabbed Competitor’s Brake Lever Is Banned From Racing Until 2019

We covered Moto2 racer, Romano Fenati, who was caught pulling his fellow rider’s brake lever while racing in Italy. And while other racers and fans called for him to be banned from racing or even charged for attempted murder, his punishment has been handed out: he is banned from racing until 2019. He’ll have a chance to re-apply for his license next year although since his team dropped him, and we’d be surprised if anyone else picks him up, he may be out longer than that.

According to a report released by the FIM, Fenati was summoned to their headquarters on September 18th. They basically demanded that he explain his “egregious and shocking” actions to the governing body, who, apparently, were not impressed:

“During the meeting, the FIM representatives emphasized the Federation’s deep concern for the safety of all riders and other participants in motorcycling competitions. They also highlighted the importance it attaches to fair play in motorcycling sport. While acknowledging that riders, and in particular those who reach the highest level of the sport, are subject to many pressures both on and off the track, they reminded Mr. Fenati of the profound influence high-level athletes can have on fans and young people and urged him to be mindful of his responsibility to set a positive example in future.” Original story:
There’s competitive racing and then there’s Moto2 racer, Romano Fenati. While in a race in Italy last weekend, the driver was caught pulling the brake lever or fellow racer, Stefano Mazi. And while Mazi was able to maintain control (luckily) and nothing serious came from the stunt, Fenati was immediately disqualified from the race after citing irresponsible riding. The reaction from the industry was just as serious. His fellow racers recommended a lifetime ban from the competition and his time fired him before dropping him from his 2019 contract. Now, it’s reported that an Italian nonprofit consumer-rights group has reported the incident to a prosecutor’s office with the hopes of an investigation of attempted murder. What do you think is the appropriate punishment?