Update: John Cena Says He Didn’t Sign A Contract Saying He Couldn’t Flip His Ford GT

A few months ago Ford sued professional wrestler John Cena after he sold his recently-purchased GT supercar. They claimed Cena breached a contract he signed at the time of purchase promising he would keep the car for at least two years. However, Road & Track reports that now Cena claims there was never any restriction in the paperwork he signed.

For those who don’t know, Ford requires all GT buyers to sign a contract stating they will not resell the car for at least 2 years or they will face legal action. TMZ reports that new court documents filed in Michigan say the final contract Cena signed didn’t include any language about having to keep the car two years before being able to sell it and Cena is now asking the Judge to throw out the case. Is Cena in the wrong? Or did Ford file the lawsuit wrongfully?

Original Story:

WWE star, John Cena, is in hot water with Ford. Cena was one of the chosen ones to receive a limited-edition Ford GT, which comes with a contract stating the owner won’t resell the car for at least 2 years. And according to Road & Track, Cena sold his and is now being sued by the automaker. Ford claims Cena broke the contract and sold the new GT that’s already worth $450,000 for a profit.

Cena acknowledged he was in the wrong after Ford reached out to him and has since said he will “make things right”.