Uber Driver Burns Out In Charger Hellcat To Get 5-Star Rating

Uber has become the most popular ride-sharing service and is leaving cabs and public transportation in the dust. Especially when you can get picked up in a modern muscle car. A lot of Ubers are your typical minivans or basic sedans but then you have this guy with his Challenger Hellcat. Two teenagers requested a ride and when the Hellcat shows up, they’re surprised and excited about the 700-horsepower ride. To end the trip he does a smoky burnout to get the 5-star rating from his passengers. What’s the coolest Uber or rideshare you’ve ever had?

These guys make the horsepower happen! And we love it.

Gannon takes you inside Boost Addicts. You might remember this Madison, Tennessee performance shop that was a competitor in last years BBQ & Burnouts show. Gannon will talk to owner David Hines about how much growth they’ve seen in just three and a half years and take you around this diesel truck and high-performance shop. They specialize in LS performance, LS tuning and resto mod service and it’s not uncommon to see a two thousand horsepower vehicle leave their shop!

Source: Speed Society