Two Teenagers Will Compete In The First Race On The Moon

Moon Mark

With remote control cars. But still, a race on the surface of the moon is pretty cool. Moon Mark and Lunar Outpost have announced a partnership for racers to land on the moon in 2021.

Moon Mark is an entertainment and education company that will sponsor the very first race on the surface of the Moon in 2021. The company has teamed up with Lunar Outpost and two racers that will make history.

Using Lunar Outpost’s Mobile Autonomous Prospecting Platform (MAPP), which was initially created for extraterrestrial scientific missions they will be able to adapt it for racing mobility.

There was a grueling 8-week qualifying process for high-schoolers from around the world. There will be six teams made up of five members that will compete to become the final two competitors to racee on the Moon. Moon Mark will capture and distribute the experience for everyone to watch. The final two teams will complete their designs in Houston, Texas, before being loaded onto the lander that will transport them to Kennedy Space Center, and then to the Moon.

“Moon Mark’s mission of getting young people involved in aerospace and working toward utilizing space for the betterment of humanity is something that resonates with us,” said Justin Cyrus, Co-Founder and CEO of Lunar Outpost. “We look forward to enabling racers on the Moon and being a part of the journey to bring space to the world.”

The two racers will deploy on the Moon via the Nova-C lander by Houston-based Intuitive Machines, following a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in late 2021.

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