Truck Driving Nightmare! Brakes Fail While Driving Down Mountain – Driver Saves Runaway Truck!

In any type of driving scenario, having brakes fail is a nightmare situation for any driver to find themselves in. Brakes are obviously the one thing that need to always be in working order, otherwise things can quickly turn into a disaster.

In this situation, a truck driver is driving down a mountain when his brakes suddenly begin to fail. This is an extremely scary situation to be in because at this point, gravity has taken over and the truck is barreling down a mountain which could end up in a pretty bad accident at any moment. As you can tell from the commentary, the trucker knows his stuff! He tries various braking methods to try and get this truck to a stop but with multiple attempts, it seems like this truck isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Luckily an opening on the side of the road is seen and the trucker decides to pull in to the gravel lot to stop the runaway truck. After completely frying the brakes, the trucker manages to get the truck to a complete stop, all while narrowly avoiding a disaster of an accident. What do you think about this video? Any thoughts or opinions about it?

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