Truck Crash Spills 15,000 Pounds of Hot Dog Filler Onto Highway

Pennsylvania highway crews received quite a big mess on their hands when a semi-truck transporting 15,000 pounds of hot dog filler was involved in an accident, spilling all of the pink contents over I-70.

State police say that the 30-year-old driver was speeding at the time he lost control. Authorities say that the truck’s brakes were faulty, leaving the driver unable to regain control and crash into some trees.

Police say that the contents of the truck spilled out onto the highway as a result of a “violent stopping motion.” Photos of the accident suggest that the hot dog filler was being transported in large plastic bags. The driver was cited for speeding, among other charges.

Hot dog filler, also known as “Pink Slime”, consists of beef, pork, and other meat by-products and preservatives. It is known as “finely textured beef” by meat processors.

At the end of the day, that’s a lot of slightly-inconvenienced Memorial Day barbeques.

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