The New Toyota GR Ad Campaign Pits The Enthusiasts Against The Stuffy Executives

Toyota GR Ad Campaign starring the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America Team drivers
Toyota GR Ad Campaign starring the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America Team drivers

The Toyota GR series is an impressive line of machines. To the average customer, they may look like a standard A-to-B kind of car. But hardcore enthusiasts see a powerful high-performance rally car that can do anything you’ve seen in an action movie. They can drift, shift gears, muster larger amounts of horsepower and torque (300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft to be exact), and really get the adrenaline pumping like it’s a fast-paced racing video game with a killer soundtrack.

To illustrate the capabilities of the Toyota GR Corolla, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing North America Team Drivers star in a three-part campaign series in which a pair of creative ad directors want to bring their vision to life by highlighting everything cool about this car in spectacular fashion that enthusiasts will love. However, they must also deal with a pair of executives that are out-of-touch with their passionate customer base and frankly don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. Anyone that has been on a marketing team forced to work with sales executives can understand how agonizing this can be.

Toyota GR: The Pitch

Thankfully, this ad series is able to compare and contrast all the exciting capabilities of the Toyota GR Corolla to the audience through the power of movie magic without getting the green light from these sales execs at all. Just check out how these personalities collide in the first episode of this series called “The Pitch.”

Toyota GR: The Focus Group

The next episode titled “The Focus Group” has the creative team conjure up some exciting ways to highlight many of the special features of the Toyota GR86. What would be an awesome way to park this car at an abandoned mall? How about reverse-skidding into an empty space using its high-performance front and rear brakes, as well as its handbrake?

As seen by members of the focus group, they are clearly excited by the car’s 2.4-liter engine, its improved torque curve, and manual transmission. If the square executives understood why a stick shift is so awesome, they wouldn’t want to shelve it as one of this car’s attractive features. Based on the focus group’s reactions, the creative team knows its audience.

Toyota GR: The Shoot

At last, it’s time for “The Shoot” with the Toyota GR Corolla taking center stage. With the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing North America drivers demonstrating a series of wild stunts that could easily void your warranty, the creative team relishes in bringing their visions to life while the pair of executives continue to be the out-of-touch wet blankets they’ve been this whole time. This is evident when one of them asks what a “sleeper” is.

Ultimately, the creatives and enthusiasts win this battle with one of the directors instructing the drivers for “more GR!” to really bring the Toyota GR Corolla to life, along with all the Toyota GR86 and Toyota GR Supra for the epic finale.

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