Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chases From The 80’s!

Everyone loves movie car chases because they’re usually real, at least the older ones were and they’re just so entertaining too! What’s better than watching over the top car chase scenes? Well everyone knows that the 60’s and 70’s had some amazing films with legendary car chase scenes like Bullitt and The French Connection but what about the 80’s? As Hollywood film budgets grew over the years, the special effects seen in stunt scenes just took things to a whole new level than ever seen before.

A lot of the car chases seen in these films were actually extremely dangerous for the stunt drivers involved. Nowadays, stunt drivers are much safer than they were back in the day but there’s still always a risk no matter what. Some of the more outrageous stunts are doctored using CGI in modern movies because it’s not only safer but cheaper as well. The films listed in this top 10 list were compiled together by the YouTube channel Donut Media. Obviously there were plenty other great 80’s films that had great car chases that didn’t make this particular top 10. Do you have any suggestions for some 80’s films that need to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!