Time Travel Watching This 2019 Race Filmed With A 1968 Camera

IndyCar at Road America

There’s something about old races and the way and quality in which they were filmed that brings back a sort of nostalgia. Usually, they’re grainy, sometimes with tracking lines if it was back in the VCR era. It’s something you just don’t see anymore with today’s high-quality cameras and cell phone footage.

So YouTube user, Nick Shirrell, shot footage of the 2019 IndyCar weekend at Road America using a Canon Super 8 camera from 1968 with Kodak 50D and Kodak 200T film stock.

Nick even went above and beyond to give it an old-timey feel with some sourced narration that’s synced up with some of the shots.

Are you a fan of the old feel or do you prefer today’s digital-age pristine, crisp footage?

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